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    Touch technology has gathered the interest of many in recent times although it’s been around for some time now. IP activity and patent data
    are great indicators of exactly what is happening in this space and could help uncover several insights while answering questions that
    manufacturers, technology enthusiasts, inventors, scientists, investors and others would seek answers to. Has touch related technology come of

    • When did IP activity around this technology start picking up and is it still showing a strong increase?
    • Who are the innovators behind the best this highly sought after technology has to offer?
    • Who are the manufacturers and players showing interest in this field?
    • What are the industries and markets showing interest in licensing opportunities for touch technology patents?
    • What does the growth trend look like for the current year based on the first month patent filings?

    To look into various touch based technologies and get a better insight into the IP activity that surrounds it, we carried out a quick analysis using
    Patent iNSIGHT Pro software

    IP Activity across last 40 years

    What has been the IP activity trend for touch technologies from 1970 till present date?

    We know the first patents for touch based computing technology were filed as early as the 1970’s but we have witnessed these technologies
    making an impact in the markets in recent years. Patent filings across timelines are an indicator of how much activity and research interest
    there is within a particular space and here is what we discovered for touch technology:


    Till the end of the 1990’s although it appears that innovators were testing the waters around this technology and the realization that this
    would be ‘hot’ technology happened between 2000 and 2002 where the number of patents filed went from 165 patents in the year 2000 to 871
    patents in 2002. Research activity peaked in 2002 after which is remained consistent till 2007 where we can see between 800 to a 1000 new patents filed each year for touch based innovation. 2008 till the present date is where activity around touch technology and computing has really taken off and
    shown the kind of rapid growth we are witnessing in the interest around products that use this technology and are hitting the markets in recent
    times. Just a month and a half into 2010 and we are already seeing over 200 patents. It’s clear that this technology picked up slowly, grew
    consistently and has now reached new heights and is evidently on an upward trend.

    Top Assignees in the Last 5 Years

    Who have been the top companies or assignees in touch technology over the last 5 years?

    While from marketing or product launches one can assume a certain manufacturer is the number one player for a certain type of technology,
    it could be misleading. Patent portfolios are a more accurate indicator of how much a business invests in a particular technology such as touch and
    gives a better picture of who the top assignees in this space are. Here is what we uncovered with respect to the top 15 assignees in the last 5


    Top 15 Assignees

    1. Samsung Electronics Co
    2. Apple Inc
    3. LG Electronics Inc
    4. Nokia Corporation
    5. Microsoft Corporation
    6. Sony Corp
    7. International Business Machines
    8. K Phillips Electronics NV
    9. Hon Hai Precision Industry Co
    10. Motorola Inc
    11. Siemens AG
    12. HTC Corporation
    13. Research In Motion Limited
    14. Intentec Corporation
    15. Immersion Corporation

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    Custom Patent Analytic Report

    In order to meet different strategic needs , we can customize the report for you as per your company requirements. Fill the form by clicking here and our executive will get in touch with you.and our executive will get in touch with you.

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    Custom Patent Analytic Report

    In order to meet different strategic needs , we can customize the report for you as per your company requirements.Fill the form by clicking here and our executive will get in touch with you.

Patent Analytic Report on Multi Touch Technology