• This report is an update of Technology Insight Report on Graphene prepared in 2013 and is prepared following a noticeable increase in research activities around Graphene.


    This report categorizes and graphically analyzes graphene technologies. It is clear from the patenting trends in graphene-related patents and company portfolio and activity, that this is a rapidly emerging research-based area of technology. Looking at the trends in the classification of patents, this technology is now finding application in a diverse range of technological areas.

    Graphene-related technologies are classified in a diverse range of places in the IPC and though the majority of sub-groups relate to the chemistry and processing of graphene, there are a significant and diverse range of application-specific classifications applied. Varying research strategies of the applicants are evident from the patent collaborations; Samsung exhibits a reasonable amount of collaboration, whilst other top applicants show none. The different nature of the top applicants is further highlighted by the technology landscape which reveals that, in contrast to the specialism evident from most applicants, Samsung is active in a very diverse range of graphene-related technology.

    China has emerged as leader (in the last five years) in terms of manufacturing as well as applications of graphene.

    Technical Segmentation (Patent Categories)

    Adhesive Tape Atomic Force Microscopy 3D
    Carbon Dioxide Reduction Automobiles Bilayer
    Centrifugation Aviation Chemical Modification
    Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) Bioimaging Graphite Oxide
    Cold wall Bone Tissue Engineering Gyroid
    Electrochemical Synthesis Calayst Ligand
    Epitaxial Growth Composite Materials Monolayer sheets
    Exfoliation Conductive Ink
    Graphite Oxide Reduction Coolant Nanocoil
    Immiscible Liquids Defence Nanoribbons
    Intercalation Electromagnetic Shielding Pillared
    Ion Implantation Electronic Body Parts Platelets
    Laser Electronics Quantum Dots (View the featured Global Market and Patent Landscape Report here
    Metal Substrates
    Electrophoretic Deposition Superlattice
    Microwave-assisted Oxidation Energy Storage
    Molten Salts Environmental
    Nanotube Slicing Light Processing
    Pyrolysis Lubricants
    Roll-to-roll Medical
    Shearing Nanoantennas
    Sonication Nanoimprint Lithography
    Spin Coating Optical Electronics
    Supersonic Spray Optical Lens
    Radio Wave Absorption
    Thermal Management

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    Filing Trend

    The chart shows filing trends in Graphene during the last 15 years. Maximum number of patent applications (6974) taking/having priority were filed during 2015.

    A sudden rise in patent filing activity in the domain of graphene during years 2013-15 indicates widespread interest in the given technology domain.

    It’s clear the current activity around these technologies is likely to continue seeing more innovation in the near future.


    Top Players

    The chart below represents top companies active in graphene technology.

    Graphene_Patent_Top companies

    Research activity around world

    The map below represents the geographical filing relating to Graphene. The map helps provide an indication of where innovation in this area is originating. It can be seen that 56% of total graphene landscape originate from China followed by Korea (3550) and US (2963). The strength of the coloring represents the proportion of patent applications.

    Graphene_Reserach Activity aroun world_PatSeerPro

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  • Table of Contents

    1. Introduction
    2. Methodology
      1. Patent Search Results
    1. Technical segmentation (Patent Categories)
    2. Publication/ Filing Trend
    3. Key Players
    4. Detailed company analysis
      1. Competitive Landscape
        1. Company Vs. Technology and various trends across technologies
        2. Identify gaps in research & development
        3. Determine what other technologies competitors are working on
    1. Key Patent Analysis
      1. Citation analysis
      2. Landscapes: visualize the most densely patented and most sparsely patented technology area
    1. Key companies in this domain
    2. Geographical Analysis (Markets-China, Korea, US)
    3. Summary & conclusion

    Custom Patent Analytics Report

    In order to meet different strategic needs , we can customize the report for you as per your company requirements. Fill the form by clicking here and our executive will get in touch with you.