Graphene – Patent Analysis Study

Graphene exhibits range of extraordinary properties, possible uses of it are apparently almost endless. For example, it is so strong, people want to use it to reinforce plastics, making them conductive at the same time. Because it’s transparent and conducts electricity, people want to use it in applications like mobile phone screens, touch screens, TV screens and so on. People are also considering using it to go beyond silicon technology and make our integrated circuits even denser and speedier.


The below table summarizes analysis of graphene Patents. We used PatSeer to search individual publications and then collapsed them to one member per Family (Simple Families).

Number of patent publications 49912
Number of patent families 30963
Publication year range 2004 To 2017
Top Applicant Samsung Electronics Co Ltd

Patent Search Strategy

Using the patent research platform PatSeer as our data source we used the following search query to create our patent set.

Graphene – Patent Analysis Study_Search Strategy

Interactive Circle Map

To get deeper insights record set for Graphene was classified as follows:

Double Click on the Map to Expand or Collapse

The chart represents different technological clusters (production techniques and forms of graphene) and application areas of graphene. The chart can be drilled down to subsequent sub-categories to further analyze the data. For instance, you can zoom into the sub categories of Production techniques like Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD), metal substrates, etc. These can further be drilled down to it’s sub-levels like Copper, Nickel, etc.

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