• Introduction

    This patent landscape report on Hand Gesture Recognition takes a look at the Intellectual property trends and filings being done by companies and institutions active in this technology area. All charts and analysis in this report have been prepared using PatSeer Pro.

    Based on the search strategy for the technology space, we have viewed, scrutinized, filtered thousands of patents and finalized 5386 records (2953 families). The trend analysis based on the filing date of priority applications shows a maximum number of patent applications were filed during 2012. Despite the fact, Intel appears to be one of the earliest assignees with filings for gesture recognition, but now Microsoft leads the patent count followed by Samsung. In the various application areas of Gesture control, Samsung seems to have the maximum number of records for gaming with approximately 50% of its records concentrating on gaming technologies.
    Key companies considered for analysis are:

    • Leap Motion
    • Amazon
    • Oblong
    • Pixart
    • Nokia

    Technical Segmentation (Patent Categories)

    Accelerometer (487) Gaming C (1081) Static (256) Wired Glove (4) Hidden Markov (200)
    Depth Sensors (327) Automobile (690) Dynamic (323) Data Glove (135) K-nearest Neighbourj12)
    Proximity Sensors (311) Healthcare (322) Cyber Glove (6) I Finite State Machine (25))
    Photoelectric Sensors (52) Television (874) Virtual Reality Glove (8) Support Vector Machine (154) –  
    Speed Sensors (110)^ Home Automation (129) Infrared Camera (348) Dynamic Time Wraping (61)
    Capacitive Sensors (209) SENSORS Physical Asset Keys (6) Stereoscopic Camera (257) Artificial Neural Network (32)
    Color Sensors (59) Defence (246)  J Depth Camera (121) Conditional Random Field (13)
    Infrared Sensors (501) Sign Language Interpretation (177) Infrared Camera (348)
    Rgb-d Sensors (9)
    Kinect Sensor (102)
     Ultrasonic Sensors (143)

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    Filing Trends

    The chart below shows number of filings for hand Gesture Recognition during the last 15 years. The chart was generated on overall records (5386 Records).

    Trend analysis based on filing of priority application indicates a gradual increase in number of applications being filed. Maximum number of patent applications (818) taking/having priority were filed during 2012.

    Patent_Filing Trend_Hand_Gesture_Recognition

    Top Players

    The chart below represents top companies active in Hand Gesture Recognition technology, with a single representation from each family.


    Research activity around world

    The below map represents the geographical filing relating to Gesture Recognition. The map helps provide an indication of where innovation in this area is originating.

    China is the leading country in this field with 1131 families followed by United States (919) and Korea (321). The strength of the coloring represents the proportion of patent applications.


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  • Contents

    Patent Search Strategy. 4

    Technical Segmentation (Patent Categorization). 5

    Filing Trend. 6

    Top Companies. 7

    Research Activity Around The World. 9

    Companies Activity Across Applications. 10

    Companies Across Different Types Sensors. 11

    Companies Across Different Types Of Gestures. 12

    Companies Across Different Input Devices. 13

    Companies Across Gesture Classification Algorithms. 14

    Applications Across Different Types Of Sensors. 15

    Applications Across Input Devices. 16

    Applications Across Gesture Classification Alogrithm.. 17

    Technology Landscape For Hand Gesture Recognition. 18

    Citations Analysis For Leap Motion. 19

    Key Company Analysis. 21

    Innovation Timeline. 21

    Innovations Across Different Segments Of Gesture Recognition. 22

    Summary Of Filings By Key Companies. 23

    Summary. 24

    About Patseer Pro. 25

    Patseer Pro Capabilities At-A-Glance…    25 

    Custom Patent Analytics Report

    In order to meet different strategic needs , we can customize the report for you as per your company requirements. Fill the form by clicking here and our executive will get in touch with you.

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