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Get to know Publication trend, Top companies, Research activities around the world, Company activities across technologies, Different material & Application area, Portfolio analysis of key companies and much more........

Patent Analytics Report Electronics Industry

Inventor groups of key companies | The contour map |Portfolio Analysis


Patent Analytics Report Materials and Semiconductor Industry

IP publication trend | Top assignees or Key players | Technology Trends


Patent Analytics Report Mechanical Industry

Key Assignees filing across different IPC | Research across different countries


Patent Analytics Report on Healthcare Industry

Emerging technologies | Upcoming players | Geographic information


Patent Analytics Report Chemical Industry

Different material & Application area | Company activities across technologies


Patent Analytics Report Food and Beverages Industry

Application areas | Patent Categorization | Top Countries

Patent Analytics Report

Patent Analytics Report

Patent Analytics Reports on various Industries such as Electronics, IT, Mechanical, Food & Beverages and many more...

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Our Reports as referred by Industry

"Gridlogics, a patent analytics solutions specialist that publishes Patent iNSIGHT Pro, ranked Dr. Jang and Dr. Zhamu as the #1 and #2 graphene inventors globally."

Angstronmaterials Advance material Co.Graphene

There’s a free online report that can educate you, or refresh your knowledge, about 3D printing and all of its relevant patents from 1990 to the present.


Patent Landscape Benefits

With the help of Patent analytics you can know the research activity going around the world, Further it is helpful in exploring different application areas. It also helps in transforming raw patent data into business analysis which help corporate decision making

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