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Patent Analysis Report Hand Gesture Recognition PatSeer Pro

Research Trends | Citation Analysis Leap Motion | Algorithms and Applications | Innovation Timeline

Patent Analysis Report Graphene PatSeer Pro

Technical Segmentation (Patent Categorization) | Graphene Patent Landscape | Filing Trend by Geographical Regions

Patent Landscape Report on Blockchain by PatSeer Pro

Constructive Technologies | Cryptographic Methods and Applications | Common Standards

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Patent Analytics Report Electronics Industry

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Key Assignees filing across different IPC | Research across different countries

Patent Analytics Report Materials and Semiconductor Industry

IP publication trend | Top assignees or Key players | Technology Trends

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Patent Analytics Report Textile and Packaging Industry

Nanofabrics | Overview of the top companies | Trends for different applications

Patent Analytics Report on Healthcare Industry

Emerging technologies | Upcoming players | Geographic information

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Application areas | Patent Categorization | Top Countries

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ipjournal[dot]law VOLUME 17, FALL 2016

Patent Landscape Analyses of Vaccines, Diagnostics and Medicines: Policy and Practical Implications for Global Access

Professor of Law, Director, International Technology Transfer Institute (ITTI)

There’s a free online report that can educate you, or refresh your knowledge, about 3D printing and all of its relevant patents from 1990 to the present.