Gridlogics is a leading provider of products and custom software solutions for patent research, management, data analysis and project management. Our products PatSeer and Patent iNSIGHT Pro leverage the latest techniques in information retrieval, data mining and visualizations to help clients globally in deriving actionable intelligence from the masses of patent data. Most of the reports present on this website were prepared using PatSeer as the Patent Database and Patent iNSIGHT Pro as a comprehensive patent analysis platform.

About Patent iNSIGHT Pro

Patent iNSIGHT Pro is a comprehensive patent research and analysis platform that accelerates your time-to-insights from patent and scientific literature.Patent iNSIGHT Pro includes advanced text mining algorithms to bring out those insights in minutes which would erstwhile take days for a researcher. Designed from inputs by experienced patent researchers, Patent iNSIGHT Pro easily blends into your existing Research workflow. Sr. R&D members, IP professionals, Information scientists, Strategy & Business Development, and Licensing professionals, all have found Patent iNSIGHT Pro easy to use and quick in generating meaningful analysis for their needs.

About PatSeer

PatSeer is a complete online global patent database and research platform with integrated analytics, project workflow, and collaboration capabilities. Being built using the latest web technologies it hides the complexities of searching across worldwide data with its intuitive interface. With updates and features added almost monthly / bimonthly PatSeer is serving the varying operational and strategic needs of Ip community. Patseer is continuously innovating on the Search, Analysis and Project front resulting in the development of pioneering concepts such as Patent Dashlets™ and a “hybrid” search engine. PatSeer is available as PatSeer Premier, Lite and Project Edition. Based on feedback from Corporates and law firms, PatSeer Lite has been made available on a daily and monthly subscription to meet the needs of project-driven users.